SafeHouse of Seminole

24-Hr Crisis Hotline: 407-330-3933

Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The FCADV is the professional association providing domestic violence center programs with leadership, advocacy, education, training, technical assistance and dedicated support, while representing the needs of abused women and children in the public policy arena.

Seminole County Florida Resources

Seminole County offers a number of valuable and dedicated local resources for individuals affected by domestic abuse, from emergency shelters to food pantries and legal aid.

Resource Point

Connecting those in need with the local resources offered within their community, Resource Point offers an easy to use, comprehensive guide to everything battered women and children need to rise above unhealthy relationships.

Florida Department of Children and Families

Advocating for families affected by domestic violence, homelessness, human trafficking, substance abuse and more, the Florida Department of Children and Families links individuals in need with services and programs to help them find help and hope.

United Way of Florida

An organization dedicated to fostering community, well-being and healthy lifestyles for all, United Way of Florida serves the state’s 32 local United Ways on administrative and legislative issues, training and much more.

Florida Council Against Sexual Violence

The FCASV leads, educates and inspires Florida’s communities to create and maintain safe, just and respectful living environments in a world free of sexual violence.

Southerners on New Ground

A regional organization committed to LGBT freedom movements rooted in community organizing and political education, Southerners on New Ground brings together marginalized populations to work towards justice for all.

Tapestri, Inc. (The Immigrant and Refugee Coalition Against Domestic Violence)

Providing access to services and various programs for foreign-born survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault, Tapestri is an organization committed to ending violence and oppression in refugee and immigrant communities.

American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence

The American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence brings the legal professional community together to work to increase access to justice for those affected by domestic abuse, sexual assault and stalking.

Legal Momentum (formerly the Now Legal Defense and Education Fund)

Leading the efforts for the equal rights of women, Legal Momentum offers targeted litigation, education, policy advocacy and research to drive positive change in the laws and policies that affect gender equality.

Men Stopping Violence

A national training institute, Men Stopping Violence provides organizations, communities and individuals with everything they need to drive social justice, encouraging men to take a stand against domestic violence against women.

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

Influencing policy; promoting collaboration between regional, state and government agencies; and providing customized training and education on domestic and sexual violence, the NCDSV brings professionals together to work towards the end of abuse.

National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape

The Clearinghouse and its teach of researchers, consultants, speakers and educators dedicated to preventing rape through widespread education initiatives and bringing justice to victims of violence.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Acting as a voice for victims and survivors of domestic violence, the NCADV is an invaluable resource to those looking for help and organizations providing aid for abuse victims.

National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs
Made up of local programs throughout the country, the NCAVP works to prevent and respond to all types of violence against persons in the LGBTQ communities. With a powerful team of affiliates, the NCAVP strives to end violence against LBGTQ individuals once and for all.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Trained domestic violence advocates provide compassionate and constructive services 24/7 on the National Domestic Violence Hotline. There are no fees for this confidential service, only the caring support of dedicated professionals.

National Institute of Justice

Providing in-depth information and evaluations of types of specific crimes, the National Institute of Justice can offer details on domestic violence and intimate partner abuse, violence against women, and more.

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

The nation’s largest organization working towards an end to sexual violence, RAINN offers countless support programs and services to battered women and their families, including the National Sexual Assault Hotline, 800-656-HOPE.

Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Working nationally and internationally, the FCAHT helps victims of human trafficking with outreach and support services throughout the state.

Office on Violence Against Women

Part of the US Department of Justice, the Office on Violence Against Women provides federal leadership in an effort to reduce and prevent abuse on women, while also ensuring justice is carried out for women who have been abused.

Mending the Sacred Hoop

With a mission to end violence against Native American women and children, Mending the Sacred Hoop and its many programs and services supports victims of abuse and leads efforts to restore the safety of women across the country.

Women of Color Network

National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence

Dedicated to addressing, preventing and responding to violence across Latino families, ALIANZA is a national network of advocates, practitioners, researchers, activists and survivors of domestic violence who are all part of the Latino community and dedicated to its safety.

Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center

The Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center operates a toll-free helpline for battered women and families living in other countries, providing advocacy services, safety planning case management and relocation assistance.

Jewish Family Services

Providing assistance services to persons in need throughout the Central Florida community, Jewish Family Services offers families access to counseling programs, food pantries and emergency services.

Catholic Charities of Central Florida

Providing assistance services to persons in need throughout the Central Florida community, Catholic Charities of Central Florida offers families access to prevent homelessness, alleviate hunter, provide access to healthcare, and care for immigrants and refugees.

The Sharing Center

Preventing hunger and homelessness since 1986.

Victim Services Center of Central Florida

Sexual Assault Hotline: 407-497-6701

Harbor House of Orange County

24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 407-886-2856

Help Now Osceola

24-Hr. Crisis Hotline: 407-847-8562

Aspire Health Partners

Aspire Health Partners – a merging of three Central Florida companies: Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare, Seminole Behavioral Healthcare and The Center For Drug-Free Living. The new name more closely reflects what we do – to ascend, to soar, to seek, to attain and to accomplish personal goals. Through innovative, resourceful treatment and recovery approaches, we offer individuals and families the opportunity to aspire to healthier, more independent lives.