Outreach Services

Domestic Violence Outreach Services

At SafeHouse, our advocacy-based programs work to empower victims of domestic violence in or leaving abusive relationships, as well as their children or other family members that have faced abuse. Through education on what domestic violence is and the dedicated emotional support groups needed to reach long-term goals, we are helping create a tomorrow that is free from the danger, fear and suffering of abuse.

Outreach advocates assist survivors with safety planning information, referrals, linkage to shelter, supportive counseling and advocacy on their behalf in the community.  To learn more about support talk sessions please call 407-302-1010.

Support Talk

It’s important to remember you are not alone.

SafeHouse offers virtual, private, empowerment based support talk for women survivors where they can receive valuable and life-changing information about the dynamics of abuse, making a safety plan and emotional support.

Our mission each time we work with a woman affected by domestic abuse is to help her learn how to leave the violence behind and maintain safe, happy and healthy lives and relationships in the future. These support groups are always hosted at secure, confidential locations, and are free of charge for those in need of our help.

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