Court Advocacy and Community Response for Domestic Violence

Helping victims of domestic violence often extends much farther than a place to stay. SafeHouse provides survivors of abuse with court support, Injunction for Protection Attorneys, individual support talk and many other advocacy programs.

Court Advocacy for Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence against women, men and children can lead to significant physical, emotional and psychological effects, and for many, counseling and advocacy services can mean a world of difference. SafeHouse offers one-on-one support programs with dedicated and advocates to assist victims overcome the fear and limitations placed on them by perpetrators of violence. These services can include helping devise a safety plan for victims in an abusive household, individual support talk, Victims of Crime Compensation filing assistance, injunction assistance, legal referrals and court support.

Court advocacy and Individual support talk services are provided by appointment. To schedule an appointment please call 407-302-1010.

Enhanced Support Team for Life-Threatening Violence

As part of a community response effort for representation and support for women, men and children whose lives are at risk from domestic abuse, the Intimate Violence Enhanced Services Team (InVEST) provides free, confidential services to those in need. InVEST was created to offer victims of domestic violence in situations with a high risk for death or serious physical injury with intense service management and advocacy. This team consists of community agencies, including the Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney’s Office and SafeHouse, working together to connect victims to the resources they need, when they need them and to stay safe.  To learn more contact 407-302-1010.

Services provided by InVEST include:

  • Safety planning and domestic violence advocacy
  • Assistance in filing for victim’s compensation and relocation
  • Assistance in filing for a domestic violence injunction
  • Referrals for legal assistance
  • Information about certified domestic violence center services such as an emergency shelter