Children and Youth Programs

Supporting Kids Affected by Domestic Abuse

Children are often the silent victims of domestic violence and the effects of abuse can significantly impact their future physical and emotional wellbeing. SafeHouse of Seminole offers a number of support programs for children that help develop healthy, positive relationships and overcome the negative effects of violence in the home.

Empowering Children through the Power of Play

At our campus housing for children and women, we encourage kids to explore free, unstructured playtime that is critical to healthy development. Many children experience anger, fear, low self-esteem and more. Our Power of Play program helps youth deal with these emotions and stimulates creativity, allowing them to be in control of their environment while feeling safe and secure. Our specially trained staff and dedicated volunteers work with children each day after school, incorporating lessons on conflict resolution, bullying and much more in a caring and supervised space.

Visitation Center

The Y.A.N.A. Project (You Are Never Alone)

Visitation Monitors ensure the provision of a safe, supportive and comfortable atmosphere for children to have contact with their family members by facilitating supervised visits. Visitation Monitors are required to prepare reports for Community Based Care of Central Florida and the courts, and may be required to appear and testify at hearings as ordered by the Court.

The Y.A.N.A. Project provides assistance to those needing supervised visitation ensuring the safety of child(ren), as well as providing positive ongoing interaction between all members of the children’s family.

Services by appointment only. To schedule an appointment contact The Y.A.N.A. Project at 407-302-1010.


The Y.A.N.A. Project Goals:

  1. To enable a positive ongoing relationship between parents and children.
  2. To provide a secure and safe environment.
  3. To promote healthy family interaction.

Supervised Visitation allows parents safe access to visit with their child(ren) when a court has determined that their visit must be supervised. The visit occurs in a comfortable, safe facility at 901 S. French Ave. in Sanford.. All visitations between the parent and child(ren) occurs in the presence of a trained monitor who is responsible for observing contact between the child(ren) and non-custodial parent as ordered by the courts.

Supervised Visitation and Security Programs

Navigating sensitive domestic violence situations can be overwhelming and emotional, especially when children are involved. SafeHouse has created the You Are Never Alone (Y.A.N.A.) Project to provide the assistance families need during this difficult time. The Y.A.N.A. Project offers a safe space to host supervised visitation as determined by a court, as well as the monitored transfer of a child or children from one parent to another. Through the Y.A.N.A. Project, survivors of domestic violence feel secure, comfortable and safe.

Youth and Teen Programs for Relationship Abuse

SafeHouse’s Bystanders Rising Above Violence Everywhere (B.R.A.V.E.) program helps teenagers and young adults recognize the signs of abuse in relationships and what a healthy relationship looks like. Through the B.R.A.V.E. program, we teach teens how to recognize abusive behavior, and how they can prevent violence in their own community.

Learn more about B.R.A.V.E.