Wish List

Your Donation Has an Immediate Impact!

While staying under the care and protection of our campus housing, no woman or child goes hungry or lacks for the basic comforts we all deserve to have.  We wouldn’t be able to accomplish that without the loyal support of our community!  Following is our Wish List: (updated 10/19/2021).  

To schedule a donation delivery you can email us at donations@safehousefl.com or call 407-302-1010 For security all donations must be scheduled.


Tupperware Containers
Quart and Gallon Size Storage Bags
Dishwasher Soap

Paper Plates – no Styrofoam please, it’s not microwaveable
Paper Bowls – the kids go through a lot of these with their breakfast cereal!
Paper Towels

Starting Over Kits:   This is a great way to help a survivor transitioning from shelter to their own place.  Collect the items yourself or have a party and invite everyone to bring something from the list to fill up the bin! 

Our shelter is 12 years old and in need of basic upkeep and repairs.  Please consider donating Home Depot gift cards to help with maintenance supplies and paint.

You can also support us while you shop at Amazon Gives. Click here to learn more and get started.