Board Members

SafeHouse Board Members

Board of Directors
The SafeHouse Board of Directors provides governance and oversight, ensuring that SafeHouse has the resources available to meet the needs of all victims of domestic violence served providing the structure and vision for the work of the agency. SafeHouse makes a concerted effort to ensure our board reflects the demographics of our community.

Barbara Dean Franklin, President
Patti Neveleff, Vice President
Claudia Umana, Secretary                                                                                                                           William Powell, Director

Jeff Anderson, Director

Jeanne Gold, Esq. Chief Executive Officer

Founders of Friends of SafeHouse

Karen & Randy Almond
Art & Karen Brown
Karen & Roy Chasez
Sarah & Tyler Chasez
Barbara Coenson & Steve Crook
Cathy & Bill Elliott
Nick & Julie Evangelo
Mary A. Giles
Jeanne & Scott Gold
Juan & Clety Gomez
Linda I. Helm
H L Hirsch & Company LLC
Mandi & Tim Hirsch

Eric Horst & Carla Caponi
Joe & Mary Beth Kelly
Sheila & Michael Kramer
Curtis & Debora Lisle
Scott & Kami Macaione
Michael McLean
Andrea S. McNally
Amanda C. Mergo
Jill Mross
Steve & Patti Neveleff
Penny O’Connell
Billy Parra & Sharon Brown

Jonathan & Elizabeth Peress
Paul Perkins, Esq.
Janet & Wayne Philpot
Jason & Jessica Recksiedler
Michael & Noelle Rowan
William & Gizelle Santiago
Deana & Frederic Schott
Ben Smith
Susan S. Sperrazza
Paul & Patti Thompson
David & Brenda Witte
Jean & Heather Ziccardi

Domestic Violence Task Force

Made up of those who keep Seminole County safe for all, our Domestic Violence Task Force meets the first Wednesday of each month to discuss issues related to domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. For more information, please contact

Members and Partners of the Task Force